Jersey Independent Covid-19 Review Panel – your input is sought

Following the decision of the States Assembly on 17th December 2021 the Chief Executive has appointed Professor Margaret Rae, President of the Faculty of Public Health, Sir Richard Gozney, recently the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man, and Sir Derek Myers to form the Panel, which is being chaired by Sir Derek Myers. The Panel is supported by a Panel Executive Ian Hickman.

The Review website is at

This includes the Panel’s formal terms of reference and some background information.

Phases 1 and 2 of its work is to hear from Jersey residents and Jersey organisations.

Thereafter it examines 14 written reports from the component parts of Government, where it has required them to analyse what they did during the pandemic and what lessons they have learnt for the future. The Panel’s job is to test these submissions through discussion with the authors as to the comprehensiveness, coherence and ambition of their analysis.

When doing this the Panel will be informed by the views, convictions, and experience of Jersey’s residents, as expressed to us.

Finally, it will try to meet with the significant elected postholders to hear from them as to their experience and conclusions on Jersey’s pandemic management.

If you have any views about how Government handled the pandemic, please consider providing them to the Panel.