Parish Assembly – 13th June 2024


Parish Assembly 

An Assembly of the Principals and Electors of the Parish of Trinity will be held in the Parish Hall on Thursday 13th June 2024 at 7:00pm to: 

  1. Elect a Vingtenier for the Vingtaine of Augrés, there being a vacancy.  
  1. Elect a Vingtenier for the Vingtaine of Rondin, there being a vacancy. 
  1. To (i) consider an application by Mr James Godfrey to the Bailiff for a Bailiff’s Annual Entertainment permit for the RJA&HS Royal Jersey Showground, La Route de la Trinité, Trinity to hold a variety of events; and (ii) to decide whether or not to recommend to the Bailiff that the application be granted, providing reasons in either case.  

The application is available here and hard copies can be obtained from the Parish Hall during office hours.    Due to the size of the documents, appendices to the application are only available from the Parish Hall. 

7th June 2024

Philip Le Sueur