Creating Better Homes Action Plan

The Minister for Housing and Communities has launched a survey to learn more about Islanders who want to down size in the future, to support the development of a right-sizing policy as part of his Creating Better Homes Action Plan.

The draft Bridging Island Plan makes allowance to include a proportion of homes for people who are right-sizing on affordable housing sites, and subject to amendment, will encourage the same on open market developments. At various stages of developing the Bridging Island Plan, it’s been made clear that many parishes are aware of a demand for this type of home in their parish, and indeed want to support their parishioners to be able to move to more suitable accommodation within their community. Both the Minister for Housing and Communities and the Minister for the Environment will be working together to appropriately responded to this, and gaining a better insight into the level and type of demand is key to that.

The survey is being promoted in the Jersey Evening Post and Radio in order to reach parts of the community who do not make regular use of internet, and we would be most grateful if the parishes might also share information about the survey, to help us reach as many people as possible who wish to right-size in the future. This may include informing parishioners who are known to you from existing lists (where this is appropriate in light of any data privacy considerations).  

The survey is available on until 14 March 2022. Islanders without access to the internet or needing help to complete the survey can also call 01534 444 444 (select option 6).