Visits to La Collette Household Recycling


Are you interested in trying not to waste OUR PLANET’s resources?

Do you understand which types of waste can be recycled?

Are you aware of how and where to recycle your home waste?

Do you want to know more about what happens to the waste which you have recycled?

Would it be interesting to hear the answers to those myths which circulate?

Piers Tharme, Senior Operations Manager (Recycling) wishes to show you around La Collette Waste Facility, so that he can answer the questions above, bust those myths and more.

A maximum of 20 people can attend each visit,

which will last approximately 2 hours.

Visits have been arranged for

Wednesday 24th April 2024 at 10am

Wednesday 05th June 2024 at 6pm

Monday 08th July 2024 at 6pm

So that we know who wishes to attend, as we are restricted to 20 people per visit,

please email [email protected]

Further details will follow from Diane Neal, a member of Trinity Climate Change Group.

Please note that this visit does not include the Energy Recovery Facility, which will be covered by another visit.