The Asian Hornet – talk by John de Carteret


(aka The Yellow Legged Hornet)

A talk by John de Carteret of Jersey Asian Hornet Group

3pm on Sunday 17th March 2024

lasting approximately 1 hour plus Qs & As


Trinity Parish Hall

Can you recognise an Asian Hornet?

Do you know who to report it to?

As a parishioner of Trinity, this should be of particular interest to you, due to the extremely high and increasing number of these invasive insects found in our Parish.

Come and learn about this non-native species, which could potentially damage our Island’s ecosystem, to help protect yourself and your property – including those in rented accommodation.

This is NOT like lightening only striking once, as some properties in our Parish have already experienced both multiple queens and multiple nests!

In Spring, Asian Hornet Queens emerge from winter hibernation. The ones that are only a few miles away in Normandy (where thousands of nests are reported each year) are more than capable of flying across to Jersey, where their first landing point is often along our northeast coast and then to other parishes.

This invasive species can turn up anywhere, on any property, at any height!


One way that you can help to control their increase is by offering to host a “Spring Queen Trap”. This is a specially modified trap which has holes in the side to allow bycatch of beneficial insects to escape, placed at a convenient location in your garden/outside area. A quick daily glance is all that is normally needed; not only to check for the presence of Asian Hornets but also to release any larger beneficial bycatch.

We know that you are invested in the future of our Island, so we look forward to seeing you at this talk so that John can provide you with further information.